Real Estate

The Scott Lincicome Real Estate Team

Scott Linciciome, as a member of the Country Club of North Carolina, will add to the DogDen experience by providing access to great golf at CCNC and by
providing great insight into the game of golf and of the real estate potential in the Village of Pinehurst region.

Scott became a professional golfer in the winter of 1998 and played on the Hooters Tour, Tear Drop Tour, and a number of other mini-tours in the southern part of the U.S. Scott moved back to the Village of Pinehurst in the summer of 1999 and now has his amateur status. The Lincicome family has been in the Pinehurst Area since the 1950s and it has always been a very special place.

His deep love of golf has given Scott in-depth knowledge of every golf course in Moore County as well as an understanding of the various club memberships.

Scott is here to support DogDenGolf and its many clients who may have a future real estate interest in the Pinehurst area.

Please visit Scott’s Web site if you’re interested in Village of Pinehurst real estate!