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We appreciated your hospitality and generous gift


We appreciated your hospitality and generous gift to the Spring Branch Education Foundation last week. As a board member, I can assure you your gift made a difference in the lives of some of our kids, either through a scholarship, a grant to a particular school or a mentoring program. We had a great time with the Kelleys and hope to return to Pinehurst in the future. You are welcome to be a guest in our house any time you are in Houston.

Continued Blessings, GARY

“My Highest Recommendation”

gil_glenn“I would be glad to give you my highest recommendation for “The DogDen” It’s about 2 minutes from the main Clubhouse and a minute from the Carolina Inn. First it is light / airy with beautiful stone columns inside in the foyer area with skylights above. There is a large TV screen above the fireplace and a very comfortable seating area. It has a spacious kitchen area with a working ‘center’ island with sink to prepare foods. Modern and very functional. Excellent laundry area with new appliances that make it easy to launder clothes after a hard day on the golf course or at the pool.

gil_glenn2Open space is the word. Very spacious bedrooms and one of master showers has the neat Kohler multi-shower system heads that has been advertised on TV. There is an upstairs rec. room area with a vibrating chair and pool table. Adjacent to that is a nice sitting area sunroom. Outside on the back porch are 2 nice ‘picnic’ tables and a grill. Kitchen has a ‘beer wine’ glass front refrigerator. Double car garage but I usually leave the car outside — no one hears of any crime, etc. The worst is getting pine sap on the car!

gil_glenn3There is a cleaning person on hand by phone and David Ogden is always accessible by phone if there are any questions.

I have taken elected officials here and others and they are extremely happy with the experience. It’s a really great choice and I always come back! Good Luck with your Charity!”

Gil Genn, President/Founder – Capitol Hill Strategic Advocates, Washington DC

Thank You For This Special Time

“David, we were going to write a message in your book but have way to much to share with you. I don’t even know where to begin. Our journey to The Dog Den in Pinehurst started as a contribution to a charity event. Little did we know how much we were going to receive from this trip. Believe me, golf…although spectacular, was the least of it.

Your home truly is gorgeous and reflects your love for contemporary art, and clean livable space. More than that your home reflects your love for your family. We studied each picture as we identified children, grandchildren and of course your wife Sally. We feel as though we have gotten to know you as a person. You are extraordinary! You made sure you were accessible and took care of our every need which made us feel very much at home.

Thank you for this special time on our journey through this life.”


June 2010

“Great House & Great Time”

The Jacobson Group

Hawaii Group Visits the DogDen

Aloha Big Dog, we sincerely appreciate playing golf at Pinehurst and also with youW It was truly a wonderful experience. Please give us a call whenever you visit Hawaii!

Darryl Banks, Don Blackwelder, Mike Thomas, Tracy Trusty, Bill Trusty

April 2010

After enjoying a wonderful dinner prepared by Chef Wallace in the kitchen of The Dog Den and an hilarious session of  “Have you heard the one about …”, we presented the Mujibur Cup to the worst golfer of the weekend. Receiving this ignominious award was the low point of an otherwise stellar weekend. From the accommodations at the Den to the great golf in and around the lovely Village of Pinehurst, every thing was first class. Some how you even managed to arrange a beautiful weekend of weather. Thanks for hosting a most memorable trip.

Raymond C. Raines, Chief Consulting Officer, Clinic Doctor Inc.


The Six Men from Minnesota

I’ve been on some really great golf trips before but this one takes the cake. The golf courses. The accommodations. The food. The weather. Your hospitality. ALL were outstanding. You must have modeled your attention to detail from the Ritz Carlton School of Customer Service because that’s what it felt like. Thank you so much for all of your work in putting this trip together. We had an unbelievable time.

David Neubauer, D.C., Chief Consulting Officer, Clinic Doctor Inc., April 2009

Bar none, the best golf trip I have ever enjoyed. Great golf, unbelievable food, unmatched hospitality – can’t wait to come back! Thank you for everything you did for us. I really appreciated the help with my game. I’ve been practicing keeping my hands away on the take-away and focusing on your putting tips.

 Steve Altmann, Vision Systems & Consulting

You were an unbelievably gracious host. Enjoyed every minute of it. Having the details and arrangements taken care of was like being at an adult Club Med for golfers. It was a great experience.

Kenneth Heithoff

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