Weather Information

For complete weather information, visit the Pinehurst page on the Weather Channel.

Month Average High Average Low Mean Temperature Average Rainfall (inches)
January 49°F 29°F 39°F 4.00
February 53°F 31°F 42°F 3.90
March 62°F 39°F 51°F 4.30
April 72°F 47°F 60°F 3.00
May 79°F 56°F 68°F 3.80
June 85°F 63°F 75°F 4.30
July 88°F 67°F 78°F 5.10
August 87°F 66°F 77°F 4.60
September 82°F 60°F 72°F 3.70
October 72°F 49°F 61°F 3.60
November 63°F 41°F 52°F 3.10
December 53°F 32°F 43°F 3.50