1st Annual DogDenGolf Invitational Halloween Golf Tournament

The Big Dog hosted a crew of his friends for the 1st annual DogDenGolf Invitational Golf Tournament recently at Cattail Creek Country Club. Some came in costume that would have made Bill Murray proud!  We had great weather and tons of fun in this low 2-ball net tournament with team skins and an alternate putting contest at the end!

Participants were:

David Ogden, Guy Nielsen, Scott Reynolds, Jeff & Matt Wilson, Scott Hoyle, Mark Landi, Mark Van Kerk, Ron Schenk, Darryl Testa, Jim Loving, Junius Tillery, Mike Occi, Chris Williams, Bill Mountjoy, Pablo McDonough, Ken Gentzel, Butch Thomspon. Mark Guthrie and Ed Anderson were planning on playing but had to drop out due to work/illness.

The team of Junius Tillery, Pablo McDonough, Kenny Gentzel & Butch Thompson won with a winning score of 132 and also won 3 skins.

The team of David “Big Dog” Ogden & Jeff Wilson won the 2-Man Alternate Putting Contest.  The Big Dog carried Little Dog Wilson to victory with a sensational 50 footer draining putt!

I want to thank all the crew who attended this event and I’m sure this will become a traditional yearly event.  Enjoy the Pics!