Come style with The BigDog

David Ogden, a former collegiate basketball and golf sportsman pursued his masters degree in sport management from the University of Massachusetts. This program included an internship at Villanova University, where he was an assistant to the athletic director and was a graduate assistant basketball coach with Rollie Massimino.

He then began a successful 11-year sales and marketing career at IBM followed by multiple senior level executive sales positions at other technology firms. David has played golf since the age of five, competed at the amateur level since high school, and has used his entertaining personality with golf in business to solidify relationships and grow business opportunities.

In 2004, life changed with the loss of his beloved wife, Sally. As a result, the creative and entrepreneurial David wanted to pursue his passion for golf and was drawn to find a home in Pinehurst, N.C. to renovate as a healing and therapeutic process. The result was a House of the Year nominee and the creation of The DogDen! He also wanted to combine this passion of golf with his drive towards business with a charity focus. The result was the creation of DogDenGolf with an initial goal of raising $1,000,000 in honor of Sally by auctioning The Ultimate Golfing Experience in the Pinehurst Region golf packages with stays at the luxurious DogDen. To date, over $450,000 has been raised!

Follow-thru on your desires

During this same time, David created a golf event called The CIO Challenge Cup which has become the top golf event in the Mid-Atlantic region for Senior Level IT executives. This event has raised over $100,000 for The Maryland Technology Council Foundation. This event created great business value for all of the sponsoring vendors and was also the catalyst for the creation of DogDenGolf Management (DDGM).

DDGM provides clients with The Ultimate Golfing Experience by creating business value through its set of core service offerings. These offerings will activate the special event or corporate hospitality opportunity and will cultivate an environment of partnership.

Swing for Dough with DogDenGolf

These grass root successes combined with David’s sport management education, sales and marketing experience have created the foundation and platform to launching DogDenGolf Management to the next level.

So come experience The Ultimate Golfing Experience!